Corrective Exercise Strategy for Training the Foot and Knee

In this live filmed workshop Dr. Osar covers:

^ . The #1 reason so many of our older clients develop osteoarthritic changes of the knee.

^ . Quick, easy posture and movement assessments for the knee, ankle and foot. 

^ . Key muscles that are usually tight and need to be released around or in the lower extremities.

^ . Key muscles that need to be activated for improved posture and movement efficiency around the knee, ankle, and foot.


---Unlimited, on-line access to the filmed workshop of Dr. Evan Osar at Fitness Fest  2017: Corrective Exercise Strategy for Training the Foot and Knee.

Price:  $29.99

Bonuses included with purchase are:

  • Downloadable course handouts so that you can follow along with the presentation.

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