Corrective Exercise Strategies for the Shoulder

In this live filmed workshop Dr. Osar covers:

^ . His own personal story about struggling with shoulder issues.

^ . How he overcame the struggle without surgery and is able to continue to work and workout.

^ . Why so many clients struggle with chronic shoulder problems.

^ . The number one driving problem for all of our clients with shoulder problems.

^ . Mechanics of shoulder movement.

^ . Quick easy assessments that can provide a lot of information about your clients shoulder.

^ . Key muscles that are usually tight and need to be released.

^ . Key muscles that need to activated for muscle and movement efficiency.


---Unlimited, online access to the filmed workshop of Dr. Evan Osar at Fitness Fest  2017 teaching Corrective Exercise Strategies for the Shoulder.

Price:  $29.99

 Purchase Bonuses Include:

---Bonus, downloadable handouts from the session that cover each slide from the presentation.


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